Spiral bevel Gear Generator - NEW Production


Technical details 

X Axis   ±720°

Z axis   280 mm

Rapid speed X Axis 6480 degrees/min

Rapid speed Z Axis  10000 mm/min

Rapid speed Y Axis  136800 degrees/min

Feed speed X Axis  from 0 to 6480 degrees/min

Feed speed Z Axis  from 0 to 10000 mm/min

Feed speed Y Axis  from 0 to 136800 degrees/min

Max working diameter 200 mm 

Max module 6.35

Tool spindle revolution 700 rpm

Min. diameter of tool 1.1'' (inch)

Max. diameter of tool 7.5'' (inch)

Total power installed 31 kVA

Tension 400 Volt

Frequency 50 Hz 

Additional details:

ball screw on Z axis, hydraulic unit, NUM servo motors on X and X axis, workpiece head with Torque motor, housing, NUM-FLEXIUM + Control,Roboto interface, Magnetic chip conveyor, CE Certification.

  • Stock No.: NUOVA - Diametro lavorabile 200 mm
  • Model: Dentatrice per ingranaggi conici spiral

Technical data contained herein is by way of example and should not be relied on for any purpose!

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